flannelhead's lab

About this page

Hi! I’m Sakari Kapanen aka flannelhead. I’m working as a software engineer, and in my leisure time I like to write some code or build electronic gadgets like robots, magnetic levitators or Tesla coils. This is my corner of the Internet where some of these pursuits are documented.

Aside from completed projects, I try to provide an insight to the whole trial and error process which is often unavoidable even in simple projects. However, this process is also invaluable as making mistakes is often the best way to learn.

This site is static (aside from equations rendered with MathJax) and generated with Hakyll. This is a great way to keep things simple, lightweight and fast. I have also another, photography related site which is written in Finnish which you can visit here.

Please report any flaws you find on the site at the GitHub issue tracker. You can also contact me via email at sk@removethis.sakarikapanen.fi.