flannelhead's lab

Getting to know Hakyll

Posted on March 5, 2016

Hello stranger,

and welcome to my blog! I’ve just opened it and I’m starting to produce some content. There’s a Projects section for focused, project-centric posts but also a blog for some quicker posts, ordered by date.

I’ve tried to keep the layout and styling simple in order not to mess up the visitors’ user experience and to retain the focus on the content. I’m also aiming at a good mobile experience. Please report any flaws you find at GitHub!

So far I’ve set up the build scripts and the basic site layout. I chose Hakyll as the site generator because I like Haskell and the declarative approach to building the site. Pandoc is used as the backend, which makes things even nicer. I’m currently preparing a math-heavy project post and will soon see how it holds up. Stay tuned!